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Website Auditor

On-page SEO, technical analysis, and comprehensive SEO optimization reports.


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Website Auditor is positioned as a tool that covers all the needs when it comes to on-page search engine optimization.

I should assume that it is a real time-saver for technical website audit. For example, one can find broken links or pages with duplicate meta information in no time.

Website structure visualization tool is worth giving a try, especially when working on bigger projects. On the downside the tool becomes sluggish when you one adds over 30K pages.

The functionality related to the content optimization may do more harm than good if used without caution. Website Auditor parses websites of your competitors for the target keywords and comes up with recommendations about the amount of content you should have on your pages and the amount of keywords it is worth to include. If you follow all these recommendations blindly, you are going to end up with a monstrous unreadable over optimized webpages.

TF-IDF module perverts the idea behind these concepts, just do not use, do not open it, just ignore it.

Website Auditor is a desktop software. You need to install it on your computer in order to use it. The advantage of desktop on-page optimization tools is speed. Webpage crawling and analysis happens in no time compared to the cloud-based software. That makes Website Auditor a perfect solution for quick audits that may be required for customer prospecting.

Who is it for?

Are you an SEO expert, freelancer or running an SEO business? The you should surely give Website Auditor a try. In terms of its functionality Website Auditor is head and shoulders above most of its competitors.

If you are new to SEO or doing it occasionally you should generally avoid such tools or use them with care. Website Auditor creates a fake impression of "I know SEO better". Following all the recommendations generated by such tools blindly can get you into trouble.


Website Auditor is a software for on-page optimization. It includes tools both for content and technical analysis. Main features of Website Auditor are:

  • Website audit
  • Website structure visualization
  • Overview of all the resources
  • Keyword map
  • Content editor
  • Domain strength analysis
  • Generating reports

Website audit

Websites Auditor comes with a website optimization dashboard which gives a high-level overview over your websites' status with regard to most important site-wide SEO factors. Such as duplicate meta tags, empty title or alt tags, redirect chains, etc.

Website structure visualization

This tool creates a graph representing the webpages and links found on your website. It is rather handy if one needs to improve internal linking structure of a website. Each page is represented by a graph node. Ones you click on a node, you get the information about incoming and outgoing links as well as about the page depth.

Overview of all the resources

This tool lists all the pages of your website discovered by Website Auditor, including the resources linked from the pages. For each page you can display over 50 different SEO related factors, such as page title, open graph tags, the number of incoming internal links, etc.

Keyword map

With the help of this module one can create a keyword matrix for a website. I.e. map your target keywords to the pages that are supposed to be ranking well for these keywords. Website Auditor than calculates an optimization score for each page, thus you can begin working on the pages that probably need urgent attention.

Content editor

Website Auditor imports HTML of the pages you want to optimize. You can then use a built-in content editor to edit these imported documents. Note that the changes are not made in place, you are actually not editing your website with this tool.

Domain strength analysis

This is a handy dashboard that includes a number of factors that are typically used by SEO to evaluate the domain authority. You can check out the number of backlinks, domain age, social media popularity and similar factors.

Generating reports

The reporting functionality actually mirrors optimization dashboards. But these dashboards are transformed into printable PDFs. Of course, the reports can be customized to match your personal needs.