SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass

Backlink tool that boasts to have the largest backlink database out there.


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SEO SpyGlass is almost a perfect backlink analysis tool available on the market. Why isn't it perfect? Read on the review to find out!

SEO SpyGlass gets backlink data from a proprietary backlink database. Unlike many other "backlink tools" out there which just oversell you the data from ahrefs or Majestic with SEO SpyGlass you really get things you are paying for. Moreover, one can import backlink data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics or their own databases.

A big advantage of SEO SpyGlass is that the tool is already suitable for data analysis. I.e. you can group data and apply filters in order to find interesting patterns and dependencies in the backlink profiles. Hardly any other SEO tool gives you the same amount of freedom.

A big disadvantage of SEO SpyGlass is that technically it can work with a project with about 40.000 backlinks. This might be a crucial factor for big brands. However, it is more than enough for practical purposes for the most businesses that are doing SEO.

Who is it for?

Do you suspect that your website was penalized for inappropriate backlinks? Are you running out of the ideas where you can get fresh backlinks from? Do you need to collect a link data base for you spam machine? Are you wondering what anchor texts the competitors are using? Then SEO SpyGlass has something to offer you. The tool is a must have for anyone who is doing SEO on a professional level.

If you are just a website owner and SEO is not something you are doing to make money, have a look at your backlink profile in Google Search Console. I bet you will get more than enough data there.


SEO SpyGlass is a backlink analysis tool. At the heart of SEO SpyGlass is a proprietary backlink database. At the time of the writing it includes over 2,7 billion backlinks and over 200 million domains.

SEO SpyGlass allows one analyze different aspects of backlink data. The main features of the tool include:

  • Backlink profile analysis
  • Historical data analysis
  • Domain comparison
  • Domain strength
  • Generating reports

Backlink Profile Analysis

The tool offers the reports with the raw links pointing to the target website. You can also get the information about the anchor texts, the linked pages on your website or linking domains.

The tool also tries to assign penalty risk score to each incoming link. Use this view with caution. All the similar tools are providing the "penalty" scores based on their own understanding of what good or bad links are. This score is not something search engines are actually using in order to evaluate the links.

Historical Data Analysis

This tool accumulates the data about your backlink profile overtime and you can track back the changes in your backlink profile over time.

The tool can be used to evaluate your link-building efforts overtime.

Domain comparison

Domain comparison tool is similar to the Backlink Analysis tool. The only difference is that you can compare backlink profiles of different domains simultaneously.

Domain Strength

Domain Strength tool provides the information about the high-level quality metrics of your website. If you are wondering how old the domain is or how many likes does it have on Facebook - check out this report.

Generating reports

All the data that SEO SpyGlass collects for your can be presented in the form of printable report. The aim of the tool is to give SEOs an ability to present the results of their efforts to the management, customers or other team members.