SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite

All-in-one SEO toolkit that covers all SEO needs from keyword research to link-building.


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SEO PowerSuite is a set of four independent tools:

  • Rank Tracker - for keyword research and checking keyword rankings;
  • WebSite Auditor - for on-page optimization (both technical SEO and content optimization);
  • SEO SpyGlass - for backlink research and backlink analysis;
  • LinkAssitant - for link-building and the management of the acquired backlinks.

Unlike most other tools available on the market SEO PowerSuite is a desktop software. It must be downloaded, installed, and configured before usage. It is cross-platform and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. Pause for a second before making sceptic comments. Check out your computer, there are a bunch of programs installed on it. There is noting bad or old-school in the installable software. It actually comes with many benefits.

SEO PowerSuite comes with abundance of features. More than you wanted to have, really. The only bit that you may be missing is all the stuff related to Adwords research. Like tracking the ads of your competitors or find the PPC keywords they are using. But if you are doing SEO you are unlikely to care about it, don't you? With many features comes the necessity to invest time in learning in order to get the best results.

Another noteworthy thing: all the SEO PowerSuite tools impose no limits on the number of projects, keywords, URLs and so on. Furthermore, you can run different checks as often as you want at no extra costs. Here is a grain of salt. Due to technical limitations, namely the amount of available RAM, each project comfortably handles about 50,000 data entries max. I.e. SEO SpyGlass will handle about this amount of backlink per project and Website Auditor will handle about this amount of pages. Here comes the most disappointing part, you cannot endlessly parse Google, other search engines, and other web services from your local machine. The service will begin throwing captchas, some may even temporally deny to return any data.

Fortunately, SEO PowerSuite allows one to use proxy servers and anti-captcha services. Additionally, SEO PowerSuite can run some failing queries via its own servers. Just plan for additional costs when buying your SEO PowerSuite license. In spite for the potential additional costs SEO PowerSuite remains very competitive when it comes to pricing. Anyway, the possibility to scale your SEO at almost no additional costs is very tempting.

Another blessing and curse of desktop software and SEO PowerSuite in particular is data accessibility. When you are using a desktop software, you are the only one who ones it, that has access to it, and ... who is responsible for it. On the one hand, you do not need to be paranoid that some sneaky sysadmin will steal from you your precious SEO strategy. On the other hand, there is no smart sysadmin to cover your ass with backup files when your hard-disk fails. SEO PowerSuite team provides some storage at their servers and besides you can set the software up to work with your Dropbox. Again, you need to take care about it on your own and configure the tools after the installation.

Another thing that we are used to but is somewhat lacking in SEO PowerSuite is the ability for team work and cooperation. It is rather problematic to work on the same project in a team simultaneously.

Who is it for?

If you are a bit more on the techy side of things and SEO is a part of your daily routine - go for it. SEO PowerSuite helps one actually get things done. If you are a type that only talks about KPIs, trends, and what dress to take on for a cocktail party after SMX West bla-bla session, you need something more fancy and less time-consuming.


It is better to read the detailed description of all SEO PowerSuite features on the pages about the tools that are part of it: Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssitant. Below is a short list of high-level features of SEO PowerSuite:

  • Keyword research - discover new keywords or import the lists from external sources for future analysis.
  • Rank tracking - SEO PowerSuite supports different search engines, and search features.
  • Technical audit - find technical issues on your websites.
  • Content optimization - stuff your pages with the desired keywords.
  • Backlink research - get the information about the links pointing to any URL.
  • Backlink management - manage the link you acquired through link-building.
  • Link-Building - automate link-building tasks.